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I want to to play!

Hey guys. I'm interested in joining you guys for some fun. I have an 849 fury warrior and a 833 enhance shaman that just hit 110. I can link them both if you'd like. They are both a little behind the curve for heroic but I quit playing the warrior because there were 2 other fury warriors in the guild I was in. Leveling another toon put me behind a bit.



  • My bad con#1482
  • Ilvl's a little low, what one of the toons are you planning on playing on. I'd recommend in the time being trying to pug some to get I lvls up on whatever too you plan on playing on. Also if it's war have you though about arms?
  • Irst! how have you been?? (con from back in the day when we all played in LS)

    I have played arms a little here and there. still can't quite figure out the FR spec so dps is low compared to fury.. I am really open to playing anything
  • Melee is already an issue this xpac and really ranged dps if anything right now is preferred (Lock shadow firemage). So far dps has been an issue. So dps is in a tight spot for us right now. We can try a melee, but if we are mythic pushing it will be a competitive spot fyi
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