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When the Former Clan Leader of the Profound Talisman Sect died, his strength could be deemed to

He was so powerful that he even surpassed Yin Yang, one of the high-ranking officials of their Mountainshade Black Market.

  He had also heard of Tai Wu's origin before. It seemed like Tai Wu had offended a high-ranking official in the Mountainshade Black Market's upper division and for this reason, he was suppressed by that official and was expelled to the branch of the Mountainshade Black Market in the Nine Sect Alliances's district.

  That particular branch was ranked one of the lowest in the entire Mountainshade Black Market.

  There was also another rumor regarding Tai Wu when he had just arrived at the Mountainshade Black Market's branch in the Nine Sect Alliances' district.

  It was said that when he had just arrived, he was also not welcomed by the high-ranking officials at the branch. Cornered in such a situation, he did not say anything and with just his pair of iron fists alone, he sealed a place for himself in the Mountainshade Black Market's branch in the Nine Sect Alliances' district.

  Right now, his position at the branch was even higher than Yin Yang's.

  Therefore, when the black-robed Quasi Three-Star Assassin heard that the strong-built man standing in front was Tai Wu, he was instantly taken aback.

  "Just spit it out if you have anything to say," Tai Wu nodded his head at the black-robed man and said nonchalantly.

  "Yes," quickly replied the black-robed man. Not daring to slack at all, he looked at Tai Wu and Yin Yang to report, "Lord Tai Wu, Lord Yin Yang, a few days ago at midnight, I just so happened to witness an incident that has an adverse impact on our Mountainshade Black Market."

  When the black-robed man reached the end of his sentence, his face turned grave right away.

  "Oh?" When Tai Wu and Yin Yang heard him, they exchanged glances with each other and saw the astonishment in each other's eyes.

  "That night, because I had a mission to carry out, I left in a hurry after I ascertained the identity of the two men. By the time my mission was done, I hurried back and instantly came to find you, Lord Yin Yang," the black-robed man told Yin Yang.

  "What incident?" Yin Yang asked.

  "Somebody actually impersonated as our Mountainshade Black Market men!" The black-robed man gnashed his teeth. "They claimed that they were assassins from our Mountainshade Black Market, but from the aura that they exuded, I could see that they were definitely not assassins! Besides, our Mountainshade Black Market assassins are shackled by the thunder penalty of the Nine-Nine Heavenly Tribulation Oath, so it's impossible for us to expose our own identity!"

  Swish! Swish!

  The black-robed man's words instantly caused Tai Wu and Yin Yang's face to turn dark right away in unison.

  The headquarters that was at the highest level in their Mountainshade Black Market was a third-rated force.

  As the saying went, rules and regulations must be adhered to in handling affairs. If such a huge force did not have such rules, it would have been impossible for them to achieve glory.

  There were also many prohibitions in the Mountainshade Black Market.

  One of them was that none of the Mountainshade Black Market assassins could reveal their identity when they were on duty outside.

  For this reason, the Mountainshade Black Market had set a rule stating that every killer of the Mountainshade Black Market must swear using the Nine-Nine Heavenly Tribulation Oath before they entered.  It was exactly because of this reason that the Mountainshade Black Market assassins could never reveal their identity no matter what.

  If the assassins revealed their identities, this would be a big taboo and they would even be killed by the thunder penalty of the Nine-Nine Heavenly Tribulation Oath.

  If someone impersonated the Mountainshade Black Market, he would not be forgiven too!

  There was an explicit rule clearly stipulated in writing that whichever sect or person dared to impersonate a Mountainshade Black Market member, they would definitely be annihilated by the Mountainshade Black M
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