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Stay Fit during World Pandemic

edited January 28 in Raid Applications
Lifestyle and physical activity of an individual can clearly show how the body was being affected and get hit by this pandemic. How? A sluggish lifestyle is a risk factor to different kinds of chronic disease. When someone doesnt move that much your body seems to gain weight, which brings you to different kinds of health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many more. On the other hand, staying fit will improve your health status and get you away from different chronic diseases.It is important to have a self assessment and help yourself and protect it. I decided to have this (Do it Yourself) DIY Home Workout to stay healthy and active. I watched different kinds of routines through youtube and tried it for myself. I also take my vitamins, one of the best testosterone booster to keep myself more motivated and determined. It helps to boost my energy during workout, with that help I am able to finish my routines at home.

Here are my sample routines at home.
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